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Listing Details

Address: 25101 The Old Road
City: Santa Clarita
State: CA
Zip: 91381
: REMAX of Santa Clarita - REMAX of Valencia
: The Paris911 Team
: Connor MacIVOR
: Paris MacIVOR
: Real Estate with the Protection of 911
: Full Time Relational Real Estate
Paris and Connor MacIVOR and The Paris911 Team have a play it forward approach to their Relational Business Model. They have coupled themselves with REMAX of Santa Clarita who is also known as REMAX of Valencia. Although headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley, Paris and Connor are personally full members of Four different Boards of Realtors. So their footprint is not just in the Santa Clarita Valley but all across Southern California. "Real Estate with the Protection of 911", is not just a catch phrase but a way of operating a business with having the client, not customer, as the center. When The Paris911 Team has completed their assigned task - You will not only be singing praises but you will be telling everyone about your "full disclosure" experience. Paris and Connor MacIVOR will do the recon for you and make sure you are well protected before, during and after the transaction. Check out today or call toll free 800.760.6911.