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You're building a company, creating a product, innovating, marketing and networking like crazy in the real estate and technology space. Who's guiding you? That's where we come in. We've been there and done that (and have the contacts and scars to prove it). Whether you've been in this business forever, or are looking to punch in, we can help. For more real estate consulting information Visit us at 1000Wattconsulting.Com for more information.

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I'm Not A Lead
Sun, 06 Jan 2008 06:49:55 -0600
As consumers we are more demanding than ever. We seek superior everything; from product quality to customer service. This is a shift that has led to a trading up phenomenon that continues to reward businesses who build great ladders of benefits for its customers. No one want to be thought of as a lead. Or part of farm. Or be given less than they expected so they can be lured into something they didn't plan on from onset. No one -- not I, not them and certainly, not you. Real estate has been whisked away by the promises of technology and by its own minimal research into the consumer mindset. It's been lured by by auto responders, lead generation forms, drip email campaigns and by the thought that data is more valuable when it's not shared in its entirety.   The result is a frustrated consumer. A consumer who shops for property on Realtor.com and finds at best, 6 pictures of homes when articles they win on ebay costing far less, showcase triple the amount. A consumer who wonders why so many agents pose with dogs not people. Why they hold phones to their ears but yet take days to return phone calls. Why their websites are so vanity oriented rather than focused only on product. Or better technology. Or better content. They wonder where the value proposition is.  The video is meant to be a gentle reminder that some of the things real estate does could use a make over. It's meant to isolate places inside the traditional model where opportunities are to think, act and be different. It's really just a simple audio/video blog post using real people to say what we all think, what we all really feel what many often write about. It's meant to inspire those who connect with this that in the end, it's really all about the customer. When you can place 100% of your service proposition on enhancing their experience, the end result is, it will also be all about you. 

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