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The Bartett Real Estate Group in Austin Texas is one of Keller Williams top producing teams in the world. Back in 2006 we met with the owners while they were undergoing an evaluation of new marketing tools. The Bartlett Group is an exceptional example of a brokerage that understands the importance of a web marketing strategy that exists outside of the traditional realm of distribution. The aggressive use of video podcasting on hundreds of listings has earned them a spot in the top 50 of all video podcast channels in the iTunes Business/Investing category! Tim Moncrief is one of the Bartlett Group's partners. Here's what he has to say about their experience with MLBroadcast.

"Podcasting has been a major influence in increasing our Google ranking for each and every listing. We use this reality consistently to win presentations. For sellers, I will Google any street in which we have a listing, and there are multiple podcasts of our listings in a top 10 search. I Google other listings down the street with a competitors, and there is nothing there. Moreover, I have sellers Google neighborhoods whereby another agent does all their business, and 5, 6, or 7 pages back, we may find their name. I merely need to Google a street name and our city name, and poof, there we are. No other medium has this power. Blogging works, but only for a few days, whereas podcasts maintain a stable high search engine rank week after week".
~Tim Moncrief - The Bartlett Real Estate Group

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#32 In iTunes Directory!

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As of July 6, 09 - The Bartlett Group is enjoying the #32 spot in the iTunes video podcasting category that Real Estate is submitted to. * Are your listing and neighborhoods in iTunes?

*Link Required iTunes to be installed.

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