What is MLBroadcast?

MLBroadcast is a service that allows real estate professionals to promote listings and communities through a unique web broadcasting system. We combine the power of video podcasting and web video syndication to maximize the exposure of your content. All it takes is a few minutes to enter your listing data and photos, we do all the rest, including professional voice narration at no additional cost!

Syndication = Results.

If Web 2.0 had an engine, it would be RSS (Really Simple Syndication). RSS is the core technology that MLBroadcast uses to distribute your broadcast channel and video episodes. Content that is formatted to this specification optimizes its ability to be found through searches. When we create the broadcast channel that hosts your episodes, we optimize the file to be search friendly and compliant with standards that are recognized by the iTunes podcast directory and other podcast destinations on the web. Individual video episodes are also submitted to the web's top video sharing destinations, YouTube, Yahoo Video, MetaCafe, MSN Video, Revver.Com and more.

Sight + Sound = Retention.

It's said that the amount of information a person retains visually is increased exponentially when there is spoken word associated with it. MLBroadcast™ converts your provided descriptions into professionally narrated recordings. In addition to having more impact with viewers, it portrays your listing and your business image in its best light. There are also new technologies being used across the web that search the spoken word in audio and video files.

Staying Ahead of The Curve.

MLBroadcast™ works constantly to find new destinations and more efficient ways to distribute your broadcast channel and video content. Over the last year we have been able to establish special relationships with many destination sites that work hard to ensure our clients are getting maximum exposure to their broadcast channels and video episodes.

It's a "No-Brainer"!

According to NAR, 87% of real estate prospects start their efforts on the web. MLBroadcast™ is the best way to generate local results from the global exposure that broadcasting brings to you and your listings. Click here to find out why you should broadcast. Click here to get started now.

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