Why Broadcast?

Global Exposure. Local Results.?

MLBroadcast syndicates and broadcasts your content in two ways. The first is via a syndication method know as video podcasting. After setting up your channel, we add your listing videos and the data associated with them to this channel. It is submitted to a network of video podcast directories that use this standardized data format to display your channel and the individual videos in your channel. These directories include destinations like the AppleĀ® iTunes? podcast directory and almost 60 other directories on the web. The second method is by submitting your individual videos and the data associated with them to popular video portals. This method has expanded recently to include, YouTube, Yahoo Video, MetaCafe, Revver, MSN Video and more! MLBroadcast has spent almost 2 years developing our distribution network. We are constantly reviewing new destinations and developing new relationships with sites that index new media content. This means you can be assured that your content is receiving the latest in exposure and syndication.

Improve Your Search Engine Visibility.

The technology we use to distribute your broadcast channel and videos are very "search engine friendly". The overall broadcast channel file includes embedded keywords about you and the areas you serve, specialties etc. Each individual video episode also has it's own set of keywords that are specific to that listing or community. Both the broadcast channel and your video episodes also have links to your web site. Having more inbound links to your web site is one of the ways search engines determine the relevancy of your content on the web. Search engines realize how popular rich media content is to consumers and are now placing more emphasis on that content and its relevancy. Google's new is a good example of this. Video sharing sites like YouTube and Yahoo Video have a social component of sharing and commenting that have an impact on search as well. In all, the power of syndication is the most important aspect to our service.

Showcase Your Neighborhood Knowledge

When it comes to community content, most agent or broker web sites contain the same links and template information, photos and tours. It doesn't take long for a prospect to realize that as they surf the web they are seeing the same content, just packaged differently. Be different! Take an afternoon to shoot a set pictures about a neighborhood or special destination and write your own narrative for it. A quick upload to the MLBroadcast system and you have what Internet empowered consumers crave. You've established the value of your services by establishing yourself as the local expert. It's completely unique to you, it's a professional presentation and it's uber-affordable!

Impress Your Prospects.

Don't worry about explaining broadcasting and syndication to your clients, we'll provide you with all of the tools to help you out. Answers are only an email away. Tech savvy consumers that use today's web tools will favor professionals that demonstrate an ability to expose their listings to the sites and devices they use themselves on a regular basis. By demonstrating your ability to distribute your listings to new web destinations and mobile devices, you'll gain a big edge on your competition. Get started now, it's smart, easy and affordable!

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