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Skycall: MIT’s Guide-drone Around the Campus

I’ve always been fascinated with drones and their potential to help in our daily activities. Here’s a conceptual video featuring “Skycall”. It is a navigation system in the form of a flying robot which integrates mobile technology with drones. MIT Senseable City Lab’s researcher, Yaniv Turgeman, together with his associates sought after designing drones that are helpful and polite too. He believes that a bad reputation is being brought to drones because of warfare which is why they conceptualised creating this drone. He says, “Our flying robot is quite well mannered. Even if you stop, he is not going to get mad at you but he will recognize that you are a certain distance away from him and be able to understand that he needs to wait.” The subject’s location is kept tab by the drone via the subject’s smartphone through Bluetooth. Wifi location signals and GPS also make it possible for the drone to position itself and plot a route. For a complete detail regarding this cutting edge technology, watch the video above.