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Retailers Embrace Hi-tech Online Shopping for Consumers

In this video, it mentions that online shopping continues to gain up to 13% compared to last year’s online sales. Traditional brick and mortar retailer stores such as Walmart and Target are embracing innovative technology to entice shoppers. The first featured tech is on Walmart’s new tool called “Scan and Go” wherein shoppers can use their smartphones to scan the items that they buy as they shop. Then, the phone can be swiped at the register to expedite the checkout procedure. Another tech innovation featured in the video is Target’s app-in-the-making that allows consumers to use their smartphones to transmit nutritional information and customer reviews of products that consumers are looking at in-store. With this app, shoppers are able to make better decisions, thus, creating a positive shopping experience.

Saying Goodbye to Passwords Through Biometrics Integration

Employees at KFC in West Lafayette, Indiana no longer need a password to sign in to the cash register. All they have to do is use their fingerprint to automatically clock them in. With the use of Biometrics, employees will only use their scanned fingerprint or iris for them to log in. According to Purdue University’s researchers, identification through human traits will no longer be a thing of the past. No longer will it be considered a far-fetched technology because soon it will become an everyday reality. It can be applied to securely access bank accounts, sign on to phones and enter secured rooms. The key to unlocking anything worth safeguarding is through the use of every human’s unique features. Watch the video below to find out more about this interesting technology that will help protect your privacy and avoid fraudulent transactions on your behalf.

Google Helpouts: A Great Service for Businesses and Consumers Alike

Google recently introduced its new service: Google Helpouts. The service aims to help people get and give personalised help over live video. Ideally, consumers pay to connect with experts through one-on-one live chats on the specific niche they need help with. This is a revolutionary way to share your know-how and expertise over live video chats. This Google service is made possible by Google’s partnership with approximately 1,000 experts in topics such as fitness and nutrition, fashion and beauty and cooking. The video consultation can range from step-by-step pastry baking to spiritual counselling. Here is the Helpouts video to learn more about this useful and creative service for businesses and consumers alike.

Marketing Your Services Through Cloud Computing

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A recent study showed that utilising cloud technology for small and medium-sized businesses help these businesses to achieve outstanding operational and financial results. Check out one of Cloud Talk Radio’s Podcast on marketing your services with the help of The Cloud. In spite of the numerous advantages that it brings, only fourteen per cent of small businesses that were surveyed have incorporated cloud computing as a solution to the growing demands of their businesses. By finding the right cloud computing support that is suitable for your business needs, you are ensured that there is a smooth and efficient flow of operation in your business.

Updated Google Now Takes Over iPhones and iPads

Google Chrome’s voice activated search tool, Google Now, has been updated for iPhone and iPad users. Updates to the app include the following:

• Google will send you a notification for items like upcoming appointments and flight information. (Before, the iPhone version made you open the app to see that stuff.)

• You can set reminders. Reminders can also be tied to location. For example, you can tell Google to remind you to do the dishes when you get home.

• You can import items like concert tickets, boarding passes, and car rental confirmations that are already stored in your Gmail account.

• There’s an option to set reminders for when your favourite actors or TV shows will appear on screen. Same goes for when your favourite artist is about to release a new album.

• Voice search has been improved, letting you search with the command “Ok, Google.” There’s no need to tap a button.

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In short, this new technology tool has what it takes to be a much better virtual personal assistant than the renowned Siri. Small businesses can integrate its rich features to their daily tasks such as handling transactions or scheduling meetings or booking. Check out the video below so you can have a vivid idea on how Google Now works on the iPhone.

Driverless Robot Pod Cars to Populate the British Streets in 2017

A cutting edge technology that is due to be introduced into Milton Keynes transport by 2015 is a driverless robot vehicle similar to the self-driving car introduced by Google in California. The pod can carry two passengers at a time allowing them check emails and play games as they are transported to their destination. Traveling at 12mph max speed, each journey is going to cost two pounds.

To prevent pedestrians from being hit, the vehicle will chauffeur passengers on a separate lane. It is going to equipped with a joystick  and a steering wheel that passengers can use if ever they want to take control of the pod car. One hundred fully self-directed cars are planned to be operational in the middle of 2017. By that time, the pods will be sharing pathways with pedestrians without worrying about collision.

Skycall: MIT’s Guide-drone Around the Campus

I’ve always been fascinated with drones and their potential to help in our daily activities. Here’s a conceptual video featuring “Skycall”. It is a navigation system in the form of a flying robot which integrates mobile technology with drones. MIT Senseable City Lab’s researcher, Yaniv Turgeman, together with his associates sought after designing drones that are helpful and polite too. He believes that a bad reputation is being brought to drones because of warfare which is why they conceptualised creating this drone. He says, “Our flying robot is quite well mannered. Even if you stop, he is not going to get mad at you but he will recognize that you are a certain distance away from him and be able to understand that he needs to wait.” The subject’s location is kept tab by the drone via the subject’s smartphone through Bluetooth. Wifi location signals and GPS also make it possible for the drone to position itself and plot a route. For a complete detail regarding this cutting edge technology, watch the video above.